Closeout DealsHubsan Quadcopter Gimbal Camera Sphere Rc Drone FPV UHD Wifi 3-Axis Zino Pro GPS 4KM

Hubsan Quadcopter Gimbal Camera Sphere Rc Drone FPV UHD Wifi 3-Axis Zino Pro GPS 4KM

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    Closeout DealsHubsan Quadcopter Gimbal Camera Sphere Rc Drone FPV UHD Wifi 3-Axis Zino Pro GPS 4KM Specification & Description Summary

    Closeout DealsHubsan Quadcopter Gimbal Camera Sphere Rc Drone FPV UHD Wifi 3-Axis Zino Pro GPS 4KM Specification

    • Brand NameHUBSAN
    • MaterialCarbon Fiber
    • MaterialPlastic
    • MaterialMetal

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    HUBSAN ZINO PRO Quadcopter - RTF RC Drone Quadcopter, 4K UHD Camera, 3-Axis Gimbal, 4 Km Flight Distance, GPS, FPV 5G Wi-Fi


    The perfect companion for every drone hobbyist and aspiring aerial videographer! 


    1. Change the way you see the world with HUBSAN ZINO PRO Quadcopter that lets you take premium and high-quality videos and photographs in every setting. This simple and portable quadcopter with ready to fly version is a sophisticated flying machine that covers a distance of 4 km with flying time of 23 minutes. It is indeed a game-changer in the photography industry.



    2. HUBSAN Quadcopter with HD camera offers FPV – first person viewing option (HD Wi-Fi video transmission), which lets you explore all the turns, and twists from a pilot’s perspective. This quadcopter with removable lens can be easily equipped with filters.



    3. Unlike other drone video capturing devices, HUBSAN 4K HD drone features vision auxiliary landing that ensures precision landing by hovering over the target. This GPS drone automatically searches the apron and precisely lands on it. Its ability to navigate with extreme stability makes it reliable for next-level aerial photography.



    4. Don’t fret about drifting, as ZINO PRO remote-controlled drone is equipped with line fly mode that helps to keep the drone in a straight path. You can simply set the parameters – angle, distance, and speed – to get started with the line fly mode. As soon as the parameters are set, the drone will move in the set direction. You control the speed to get the desired video/pictures.



    5. Our remote-controlled 4K camera drone, with 700 grams flying weight, features flight control failsafe and low power failsafe mode. These work even when the connection is lost between the transmitter and the receiver, or there are accidental disconnections from the controller.  





    User-friendly Quadcopter Drone for Unmatched Cinematic Shots and Professional Videography


    HUBSAN ZINO PRO Quadcopter is easy-to-use. The foldable structure makes it compact & portable—as relevant for professional and hobbyist photography. With 4K camera quadcopter, cinematic shots become easier to shoot. It is equipped with orbiting feature that lets you fly the drone in a defined orbit. You simply set the centre point and allow the drone to hover in the set path—you always get the best possible shots!


    So, get your hands on this AUTOMATIC HD CAMERA DRONE to experience the next level in aerial photography!




    Simple and Portable RTF Drone with Ultra HD 4K Camera for Aerial Photography


    Think nothing beyond our ZINO PRO 4K HD drone when it comes to aerial photography. It allows you to take unique cinematic shots at the desired height, while giving you more perspectives to explore. ZINO PRO makes it effortless to record spectacular views in 4K Ultra High Definition and has a 1/3-inch sensor with A12S chip. What else you can ask for! Your aerial footage in 4K drone with advanced features is going to be stunning. 




    Maximum Signal Range of 4 Kms With Flight Time of 23 Minutes


    ZINO PRO HD camera quadcopter with brushless motors is ready to travel a distance of 4 km from the point of start. Capture the beauty of any landscape with a path-breaking control range and a flight time of 23 minutes. With this incredible flight range and intelligent flight battery system, you can now capture shots of greater heights and distances. The automatic return home and flight control failsafe mode along with low-power failsafe feature mean the best in contemporary aerial photography—there is nothing better out there!




    Vision Auxiliary Landing Mode for Precision Landing at the Desired Spot


    HUBSAN ZINO PRO drone has a vision auxiliary landing feature that ensures precise landing without any exceptions. This drone finds out the apron automatically for a smooth landing. It hovers above the visual target and lands accurately on the chosen position with utmost stability.  




    Capturing Every Single Moment with Image Tracking 


    Capture the moments and movements with another interesting feature of the quadcopter—yes, our quadcopter has IMAGE TRACKING feature! This makes the drone capable of framing and following the set target. You can set the parameters to let the drone follow you and your movements in order to get that perfect cinematic shot and of course, this means more dramatic shots for your video too. 






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